Wednesday, April 08, 2009

All the little birds go tweet, tweet, tweet….

It's springtime! Even with the flurries of snow we are still getting, the birds are out and singing.

I’m cutting some brand new designs from Toni and Sue from Chrestensen Burghout Design. Tweedle Dee on the left has been shaped, while Tweedle Dumb on the right is only partially shaped. Usually when I plan on coloring my items, I use pine for them. But, I thought these two needed something different – I’m going to try a new coloring technique, so I am using Oak wood for these two birds. We will see if the vision in my head comes out in reality!

Staying with the theme, Here are a pair of cascading earrings handcrafted from genuine teardrop garnets and peacock freshwater pearls. They were made by Amy of The Jewelry Shop on Artfire. Amy is from Florida, and makes some beautiful jewelry. You can see more of her wares at:


dee begg said...


Kewl new designs...of course you're sending Twiddle Dee to me, right? LOL!


Wood N Goods said...

LOL Dee! We'll see how it comes out first. :)

djStoreRoom said...

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