Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Nope, it's not Halloween - but I am enthralled by these skeletons we saw at the Museum in GR. I can't imagine what someone had to do to get the fully intact snake and bullfrog skeletons they have on display.

These were in a room fashioned after the displays in the original museum - rows of butterflies and birds, rocks and bones. In later years, the displays began to feature the specimens in their natural habitat.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

One of my many hobbies is Taxedermy, Though I don't do it much anymore. Simple clorox bleach will remove flesh from bone. But I think you have to dilute it so it won't disolve the bones as well. Still, putting them all back together seems to be quite an undertaking! Fredrick Meyer gardens will have the butterflies out ones that is.

Wood N Goods said...

Ah.. YES! The butterflies!! We try to make it down each year for the butterflies (and lunch at Panara's!). Spring break is next week so if I can get everyone's schedule co-ordinated we will be headed down.