Monday, June 15, 2009

Here's another version of Tweedle Dumb. The difference? This one was done using the intarsia method.

What's intarsia? Rather than using one type of wood and cutting the pieces out like a puzzle, Intarsia uses different types of wood, and each segment is cut independant of the other pieces. The grain direction is different for each segment. And in this case, no colors, dyes, paints were used. What you are seeing is the natural colors of the different woods.
I used leapord wood, satinwood, purple heart, blood wood, aspen (the green wings!) maple, walnut, oak, and a couple other exotic woods that I don't know the name of.
So - which do you prefer and why?


Char said...

I knew about the other woods but I was amazed that you could get wood in that wonderful green color.

Beautiful work!

Wood N Goods said...

Thanks Char!
I searched through Home Depot's aspen section and found a really large piece of lumber that was stained the green color, and some black/brown through it. Thank goodness they let you buy it by the foot instead of the whole piece of wood! I managed to get about 4 foot of it.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Wow! Great color from just the woods! It's hard to say what I prefer, because I think the intarsia is better, but only because I know the woods that go into it. Doesn't that get expensive? Yikes! Anyway, how much waste did you have to throw away? The painted one looks good too, and to the untrained eye, Looks superior. Well, So goes my opinion anyway.

Wood N Goods said...

Thanks for the comments TGEA! I go to a flooring/cabinet place up north and can get a banana box full of their scraps for $10. That's where I get most of my wood. It's only when I need a specific kind that I actually purchase a board. :)
As for the waste I throw away - it has to be a very very small piece of wood before it gets put in the burn box.