Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sometimes it takes longer to finish a job then the rest of the job took! To catch everyone up, I glued up the dragon using a combination of wood glue and super glue. The super glue acts as a clamp while the wood glue dries.

Then I headed to the local glass shop to see if they could cut me some mirrors. I added a couple more coats of tung oil, then sprayed the wood with a clear sealer. All of this was done over a span of a few days.

The simple job of cutting the backer board, and gluing the mirror to the back took another week or so - But it is finished now. Ok, not quite completed - I still have to add a hanger on the back so it can hang on a wall!


CAPow said...

that is really beautiful!

Brenda said...

I love it!!

Wood N Goods said...

Thank you!!

dee begg said...


Kewl! You have lots of patience! I'd want to be done with that project a long time ago!