Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tea for Two and Two for Tea (insert musical notes here); One for You and One for Me….. (more musical notes…) Just Singin’ in the Rain, Just Singin’ in the Rain…. (continue with the musical notes, and sing along if you wish!)

So – what do the 2 songs have to do with each other? Not much unless you are a follower of Thursday Sweet Treat blog ( Natasha publishes a phrase each Friday for artist’s inspiration during the week. The next Thursday, photos are published of what the artists’ created.

Last week the phrase was “Let Beauty Rain Down Upon Us”. I didn’t get a project done, but a lot of other artists did, including Lois from Our Name is Mud. Now – here’s where the 2 songs connect…. Lois created a cute little Tea Pot using the theme!! You can see her submission along with many other beautiful items on the Blog. And while you are blogging, be sure to stop by Lois’s blog – . After reading about Lois’s vacation, I am glad my kids are grown!

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