Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Went to the Merry Go Round Museum in Sandusky Ohio as part of our Spring Break vacation. Lots of information as well as old and new carousel animals. The building was a Post Office originally - the only round Post Office that was built.
Did you know there is still a place in the US that hand carves wooden carousel animals? Carousel Works is about 45 minutes south of Sandusky. Saw some of their new ones that are slated for a carousel in New York after being displayed at the museum.

These Cows are actually the same shape - The one in the back has it's original paint. The one in the front has been refinished. Not sure if the camera shows it, but the saddle blanket is material - looks like velvet to me?

Can you tell what is different with this carousel animal?


Pat said...

There is a beautiful old carousel at Trimpers on the boardwalk in Ocean City. I always think of the hands that carved the animals over a hundred years ago. I'm sure the artists would be pleased that people still appreciate their work today.

Wood N Goods said...

I didn't realize until reading a booklet from the Merry-go-Round museum that the animals hadn't always been collectors items. I'm glad that they have become so, and that they are being refinished.